Last Minute Band prides itself on being able to provide the best in live music. LMB has a vast list of music that we cover from Classic Rock, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Funk and Country genre’s.  We also have a few originals. We enjoy interacting with the crowd while having fun ourselves. We feel that if we are having fun then those in an audience will have fun also! We are professionals and know what it takes to make everyone feel welcome and enjoy their night out with our band!

Last Minute Band has multiple sound and light systems and can cover any venue from the very small to a large scale room or outdoor event. If LMB cannot cover the event, we have multiple sound and light companies under contract to provide these services for us!

Last Minute Band is available to provide live entertainment for your venue, private party, wedding or corporate event.

Last Minute Band will do our part to advertise our events thru utilization of social networks and local print. If the event is a special event then we can and will consider other forms of advertising to include Radio, News Print and Television. LMB has established a connection with most local advertising points.

To obtain information and a promo cd of our band, please call Ed at: 402-326-1139. We look forward to hearing from you.